About IMII

International Minerals Innovation Institute

IMII is a non-profit organization jointly funded by industry and government and is committed to developing and implementing innovative education, training, research and development partnerships for supporting a world-class minerals industry.

IMII was established in 2012 to support and sustain the Saskatchewan minerals industry for the long-term benefit of Saskatchewan.  In its first five years, IMII has sponsored 15 industry driven projects, valued at nearly $15 million, and in doing so has leveraged more than $6 million in project funding from outside of its mineral industry and government members.

IMII’s unique collaboration model facilitates a research focus to meet the industry needs, present and future, for many areas including safety and environment.  This collaboration also helps to define the current and future needs in the education and training programming, including a focus on indigenous peoples and women in mining.  One distinctive way IMII is engaging in this matter is through the development of an innovation ecosystem for Saskatchewan’s minerals industry.  IMII defines an innovation ecosystem as a model of the economic dynamics formed between actors or entities whose functional goal is to enable technology development and innovation.  In this paper, IMII sets out a comprehensive view of the minerals industry’s innovation ecosystem to better link its components together and increase opportunities for collaboration on advancing innovations that matter to mining.

Strategic Goals

To support the Saskatchewan minerals industry through innovations that matter to mining, IMII’s five high level strategic goals are to:

  1. Contribute, in a concrete manner, to the Saskatchewan minerals sector being among the most sustainable in the Canadian mining and minerals industry;
  2. Foster/facilitate a Saskatchewan minerals industry that is among the most innovative in the Canadian mining and minerals industry;
  3. Accelerate the development and adoption of innovative practices in all aspects of education and training relevant to the diversity and inclusion needs, and/or to the innovation needs (i.e., new technologies, processes or materials), of the minerals industry;
  4. Build minerals-sector new research and development capacities in Saskatchewan; and
  5. Increase “return on innovation investment’ to IMII funding members.

Board of Directors Representation

A Board of Directors made up of representatives of 6 to 20 member organizations oversees IMII.  Industry representatives must always be in the majority.  Board members are selected in the following ways:

  • Representatives of large companies (those with revenues greater than $100M and paying $100,000 per year) are automatically on the Board
  • One Representative of Mid-sized companies (those with revenues between $25M and $100M and paying $25,000 per year) elected from among its peers
  • One Representative of Small companies (those with revenues less than $25M and paying $5,000 per year)
  • One Representative of Supply Chain companies elected among its peers
  • One Representative designated by the Saskatchewan Mining Association
  • One Representative designated by the University of Saskatchewan
  • One Representative designated by the University of Regina
  • One Representative designated by Saskatchewan Polytechnic
  • One Representative for the Institutions group elected from among their peers
  • Two Representatives designated by the Government of Saskatchewan



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