IMII Launches in 2012

IMII was formed as a non-profit corporation in January 2012 as an industry-led and industry-driven organization committed to developing and implementing innovative education, training, research and development partnerships for supporting a world-class minerals industry.  IMII’s key partner groups are industry, government and post-secondary education and research institutions.

The Institute has a strategic focus on achieving excellence and delivering results in the areas of education and training (E&T) programs and research and development (R&D) projects.  Through the Board of Directors and separate panels for E&T and R&D, collaboration occurs amongst industry, government and post-secondary education institutions to clearly define the need, proposed solution, implementation plan and deliverables together.

IMII’s first five years saw a $5.4M commitment in nine education and training related projects including establishing Mining Engineering Options courses at the University of Saskatchewan, skills training at regional colleges, an online geological short course and a mine school built in the north.

IMII also committed $3.4M in five research and development projects with a range of focus on safety, environment and mining materials.  These projects have involved over 150 researchers, student and faculty volunteers, and industry experts to facilitate a multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach that balance community and industry needs.



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