Vision & Mission Statement

Vision Statement

Our vision is Saskatchewan being home to the world’s most innovative and sustainable mining and minerals industry.

Mission Statement

IMII’s mission is to be an industry-led catalyst driving innovation and sustainability in minerals sector research, development, education and skills-training.

Our Principles

IMII has been guided by several principles from its founding. As the strategic planning process developed, refinements have been suggested as follows:

  • Having an industry driven focus in the delivery of relevant, applied and measurable outcomes;
  • Being a catalyst for innovation in safety, environment and social responsibility;
  • Using collaboration to leverage resources and accomplish targeted outcomes with minimum investment;
  • Enhancing the processes used to identify and deliver projects of value to the minerals sector;
  • Harnessing the diverse expertise and experience available within our membership to deliver multi-disciplinary solutions;
  • Minimizing duplication of efforts and resources in projects and training undertaken on behalf of the industry; and
  • Being accountable for delivering high-quality, measurable results.
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