International Minerals Innovation Institute

The International Minerals Innovation Institute (IMII) is inviting applications for its 2021 DEMOday and Innovation Award. DEMOday 2021 will be hosted by IMII on the eve of the 13th Annual Saskatchewan Mining Supply Chain Forum being held December 7 & 8 at Prairieland Park, Saskatoon. The Innovation Award, selected from the DEMOday applicants, will be given out during the Forum.

DEMOday 2021 is seeking applications from inventors, start-ups and supply chain companies for innovations related to energy, health and safety, productivity, environmental footprint, ESG, and industry 4.0 digital transformation.  Your innovative solution could be:

  • Equipment, technologies, products, or processes.
  • An incremental improvement to existing mining and milling operations, or equipment and materials in use, or the industry’s environmental, social or governance performance.
  • Deployable in a new mine or mill to enhance productivity or safety or reduce energy consumption or environmental releases.
  • The incorporation of digital technologies into an element of existing mining operations.
  • Something that is trying to dramatically transform how a mining or milling process works.

The solutions must solve an industry problem and be newly developed or introduced to the minerals industry in the past year (2020 – 2021).  All submissions are to be received by IMII by August 27th

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