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IMII's 7th Annual "Let's Talk Minerals!

Transforming through Innovation

The minerals industry is in the midst of two transformations – energy and digital.

We are part of a world that appears to be on a pathway towards a significantly reduced role for fossil-based energy in favour of zero-carbon sources of energy by the second half of this century. This transformation will present both challenges and opportunities for the minerals sector. Challenges as some technologies which may be required do not yet exist, or not yet demonstrated and deployed in an affordable manner. Opportunities as new solutions will rely on new materials or new uses for existing materials, and the commodities necessary will still come from the earth.

We are also in the midst of a global digital transformation, in which digitally enabled persons and operations will make better decisions and obtain better outcomes for the environment, safety and productivity. Autonomous equipment, remote operations, analytics and dynamic scheduling, machine learning and digitally enabled workforces are all under consideration, development and/or use in mines and mills in Saskatchewan and elsewhere.

Innovation will be the enabler that will allow both transformations to occur along commercially viable paths, and 2021’s Let’s Talk Minerals! is bringing speakers to Saskatchewan with experience and insights into both.



10:00 am – 10:30 am  Innovation Row

Jocelyn Peltier-Huntley, U of S, Activating Workplace Allies

Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Mining Digital Upskilling Pilot Project

Saskatchewan Mining Association, Indigenization of SMA Lesson Plans: Mining Inquiry Project

 10:30 am – 11:30 am  “Let’s Talk Minerals!”


Ginny Flood,Board Chair, Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN)

Challenges of Energy Transformation: Lessons ‘in-progress’ from Oil and Gas

  Anthony Downs, Global Digital Transformation Lead, Vale Base Metals

Digital Transformation in Older Sites

  11:30 am – 12:00 pm  Innovation Row


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