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#InnovateForThePlanet - #InnovateForCompetitiveness – Extract Energy is IMII’s Innovation Award Winner for 2023

Novel technology has the potential to economically capture waste heat from dryers and other sources in minerals operations and be re-used to improve energy efficiencies and lower GHG emissions

Saskatoon, SK (Canada) – Coming out of DEMOday2023, IMII is pleased to announce that Extract Energy (Cambridge, ON) and the Extract Energy heat engine, has been selected by its minerals industry members BHP, Cameco, Mosaic and Nutrien, as the Innovation Award winner for 2023. This announcement is being made in association with IMII’s 9th Let’s Talk Minerals event and Innovation Week in Saskatchewan and nationally.

“Extract Energy has a novel application of the shape memory alloy heat engine that is designed to harvest low-grade heat from industrial applications, including the minerals industry, “says Al Shpyth, IMII Executive Director. “An attractive feature of the technology is that it targets waste heat temperature ranges below that which any commercially available energy harvesting system can operate, and the resulting electricity generated can be used on-site to offset demand from electrical grids. This is both good for the planet and for the competitiveness of the minerals industry” he adds.

Extract Energy’s heat engine was one of six technologies selected for DEMOday 2023 and will now be reviewed further by IMII’s funding partners for a potential technology demonstration project. Some estimates suggest that more than half of the energy generated worldwide is lost as unused thermal energy because of the lack of efficient technologies for harnessing low-grade heat. Harvesting this low-grade thermal energy is highly desirable for efficient industrial processes and environmental impact – making such technology potentially good for both competitiveness and the planet.

“IMII’s vision is to make Saskatchewan home to the world’s most innovative and sustainable mining and minerals industry,” says Shpyth. “DEMOday is an opportunity for suppliers and other innovators to submit technologies that can help address our industry’s needs for solutions on this path, and IMII’s Innovation Award is our opportunity to recognize those solutions providers that are responding and helping our members achieve improved energy and environmental outcomes.”

IMII’s theme for Let’s Talk Minerals 2023 is Innovating Energy Solutions, and Extract Energy’s innovative heat engine is an excellent example of how new clean energy technologies will help us down our path to reduced GHG emissions. 


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