International Minerals Innovation Institute

IMII Adds to its Consideration of New Energy Technologies for Saskatchewan's Minerals Industry

The IMII has added to its consideration of new clean energy technologies for Saskatchewan’s minerals industry with second phases of two projects completed in 2023 and the launch of a new project. The three projects are:

  • Designing and building of a 100 kilogram per hour test Clean Tech Inverter with Acceleware Ltd. to continue to validate the potential use of radio frequency energy to dry potash ore, and on a stage gate basis, the designing of a larger 1 to 5 tonne per hour prototype dryer.
  • Further detailed engineering and design work with SolarSteam Inc. to advance the consideration of their concentrated solar thermal system for the provision of low-cost renewable heat to many mining process requirements.
  • A new project with March Consulting Associates to investigate the viability of having small modular reactors provide clean heat and/or power in different industrial settings in the minerals industry. Learn more about their project here.


BHP, Nutrien and The Mosaic Company are participating in the projects with Acceleware and SolarSteam. BHP, Fission Uranium and Hatley Engineering are partnering in the project with March. SaskPower is also partnering with IMII and its members on the March project.

“COP28 concluded with a recognition that a rapid decarbonization of the energy system is the key to keeping the global goal of 1.5 oC within reach and that this requires accelerating clean energy transition both from the demand and supply side,” notes Al Shpyth, IMII’s executive director. “However, accelerating the transition requires that technologies be available to industry at scale and on an economically competitive basis. Innovative projects such as the ones being pursued by IMII with its members and these other partners are important steps forward in meeting these requirements.”

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