International Minerals Innovation Institute

The International Minerals Innovation Institute (IMII) is pleased to announce that it is proceeding with a technology demonstration project with Ionic Mechatronics (IONIC MECHATRONICS | Industrial Automation | 705.692.0101) to test the deployment of its SafeBox System (SafeBox™ – Reduce Lockout Time to Seconds ( in association with three of its major minerals company members – Mosaic, Nutrien and Cameco.

The SafeBox is a two-part lockout-tagout system consisting of a master control device and a field isolation device. It is a safety-rated, single-point lockout system that mechanically isolates electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic energy.

“We are excited to see this technology demonstration project proceed,” says Al Shpyth, IMII’s Executive Director. “SafeBox has the potential to prevent inadequate lockouts and tagouts across multiple pieces of equipment and increase workplace safety, as well as provide additional operational benefits to the minerals industry.”

Ionic Mechatronics and its SafeBox System were the recipients of IMII’s 2020 Innovation Award (Innovation Award ( The Mosaic Company will host the trial deployment at their Belle Plaine Pilot Compaction Facility. This pilot project will be for the validation of the SafeBox System and provide potential adopters of the technology with the experience necessary to consider applying the technology for increasingly mission critical and productivity enhancing applications. Mosaic is joined on this project by Nutrien and Cameco.

“This installation will showcase a technology with safety and productivity benefits for the mining industry in Saskatchewan,” says Andre Dumais, President of Ionic Mechatronics. “We welcome the opportunity to partner with IMII and its minerals company members in demonstrating the benefits SafeBox will bring to their operations and workers.”

The project is slated to run from now to the end of March 2023, with deployment targeted for January 2023.

PDF version of the news release