International Minerals Innovation Institute

Innovators Responded: Six technologies invited to pitch at IMII’s DEMOday 2023

Saskatoon, SK (Canada) – The International Minerals Innovation Institute (IMII) is pleased to announce that five innovative solutions providers have been invited to pitch their technologies to the 5th DEMOday being held today in association with the 15th Annual Saskatchewan Mining Supply Chain Forum.

This year’s invitees focus on advanced chemicals, emissions reductions, energy efficiency and water solutions and include:

    • BioDiffusion Technologies Inc. – with a bio-based renewable resin that could help the industry address caking or clumping concerns in dry fertilizer production.

    • H2nanO Inc. – with a passive, naturally powered technology for process and wastewater treatment. H2nanO

    • Solex Thermal Science Inc. – with a moving bed heat exchanger with the potential to reduce emissions.

    • Solex Thermal Science Inc. – with indirect heat exchange technology that has the potential to reduce energy consumption.

“The technologies selected this year are aligned with IMII’s vision to make Saskatchewan home to the world’s most innovative mining and minerals industry, and with the industry’s commitments to produce critical minerals, like potash and uranium, sustainably,” says Al Shpyth, IMII’s executive director. “We are pleased that DEMOday continues to bring potential solutions to our members’ innovation needs forward.”

Companies invited to pitch at DEMOday can be further invited to submit proposals for funding and minerals industry support in developing, demonstrating, or deploying their technologies under IMII’s Demonstrating Innovations program, and to be considered for IMII’s Innovation Award.

IMII thanks all those who applied to DEMOday 2023, and the hosts of the annual Saskatchewan Mining Supply Chain Forum – the Saskatchewan Mining Association, the Saskatchewan Industrial and Mining Suppliers Association, and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Trade and Export Development for the continued ability to associate DEMOday with the Forum – the primary mining supply chain event in western Canada that brings together the Saskatchewan mining industry and local suppliers to enhance their global competitiveness and expand markets.

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