International Minerals Innovation Institute


Membership in IMII is open to organizations (e.g., companies, institutions, government bodies) that share a commitment to innovation and are interested in advancing the minerals industry.  Collaborating with industry, solution providers, academia, and government brings together unique perspectives to drive innovation and bring value add to your innovation resources.


To help build the minerals industry’s innovation ecosystem in Saskatchewan to ensure that

  • The minerals sector remains sustainable, environmentally and socially responsible, and economically competitive in the long-term
  • The industry continues to be aligned to the province’s growth and communities
  • The industry has access to the talent, technology, infrastructure, and funding it needs to accelerate the deployment of innovative technologies, processes and practices
  • The innovation ecosystem is aligned to the needs of and is providing solutions for the minerals industry

How IMII helps build the innovation ecosystem

  • By stewarding collaboration and providing opportunities for moving ideas to solutions
  • By pooling resources with others to foster and accelerate the development of innovative new technologies and human resources
  • By influencing the development and deployment of new post-secondary curriculums, research programs, innovation infrastructure, technologies, and funding options
  • By furthering knowledge creation, skills development, and technology adoption
  • By joining with leaders in the minerals industry, academia, government, and supply chain to build innovation capacity and culture and deliver outcomes for the minerals industry