International Minerals Innovation Institute

SIMSA is looking for a person to become our “Industrial Concierge.”  Do you know of a great candidate?

The full job profile is HERE

Job Purpose

A two-year project, to be completed in concert with the International Minerals Innovation Institute (IMII), is establishing an “Industrial Concierge”.  The Industrial Concierge will provide personalized advice to SIMSA members (SMEs) to support digital innovation, carbon reduction, and ESG initiatives in the supply chain.  The Concierge will also help guide SIMSA members in meeting IMII’s minerals member company needs on:

  • Digital transformation
  • Carbon accounting, reporting, and reduction

This service will be provided at no cost to SIMSA and IMII members for at least the first two years (it may be extended) and will leverage SIMSA’s existing supplier database (a searchable list of SIMSA member abilities, qualifications, etc. at

The Concierge service will be a connector (more so than a doer) between SIMSA members and;

  • resource producers – relaying industries’ needs as well as SIMSA members’ abilities to fulfill them (especially in the area of digital innovation)
  • solutions providers – sourcing leads to 3rd party solutions for SIMSA members to address industries’ current and future needs (especially in the area of carbon reduction)
  • funding agencies – sourcing leads to funding agencies to assist in these efforts

As a secondary role, the Industrial Concierge will recruit new members to SIMSA to fulfill industries’ needs, as well as strengthen SIMSA and its members.  This work will be supported via a media campaign and use of SIMSA’s existing supplier database.