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In 2017, International Minerals Innovation Institute (IMII) has established four new diversity and inclusion challenges within the education and training focus area to meet the needs of its mineral company members.

Challenge 1 – Improving Access to Employment Opportunities in the Minerals Sector Supply Chain for Indigenous Peoples

  • IMII is seeking innovations in training and/or skills development to better connect employment opportunities for Indigenous peoples in the mineral industry’s contractor community

Challenge 2 – Creating New Opportunities for Indigenous Peoples in the Minerals Sector Workforce

  • Innovative ways to increase the mineral sectors’ share of available Indigenous talent

Challenge 3 – Promoting Mining Careers to Young Women and Girls by Connecting Earlier in the Talent Pipeline

  • Innovative opportunities of effecting career choices of young women and girls in relation to careers in mining

Challenge 4 – Increasing the Number of Women in Key Occupations in the Minerals Sector

  • Innovative approaches to attracting
  • and retaining women in key occupations

Proposal Development & Submission

Each program has a preliminary proposal template in a fillable pdf format.  Templates can be downloaded from our website and submitted to for consideration.  Please click on the Diversity & Inclusion Challenge Program to access the templates.

Project Preliminary Proposal
The project preliminary proposal is the first step in submitting an expression of interest of pursuing a project with IMII industry members.

Upon receipt, IMII’s E&T Funders’ Panel will review all submissions and select those they are interested in pursuing further.  IMII will follow up on the submission with a request for a full proposal.

Project Proposal
The project proposal is the second step to submitting a project request to IMII and is completed upon the request of IMII and industry members as a follow up to the preliminary proposal.  The project proposal provides complete details on the project including:

  • Collaborations

  • Supporting Partners

  • Context and Key Innovation Approach

  • Objectives

  • Methodology

  • Expected Outcomes/Results

  • Team Expertise and Management

  • Timeline/Project Stages

  • Milestones and Deliverables

  • Budget including all in-kind requirements


Upon receipt, IMII’s E&T Funders’ Panel will review the proposal. During the review process, IMII may request additional details on the proposal to answer the Panel’s questions.  Panel approved proposals will be forwarded to the Board for approval.

Application Assessment and Approval
To receive funding from IMII, the project must be approved by the IMII Board of Directors.  The IMII Board meets on a quarterly basis.  The outcome of the decision will be communicated within five days of the meeting.

Successful Proposals

Upon the approval of a proposal from the IMII Board of Directors and the communication to the project proponent, IMII will begin the process of completing a funding agreement with the individual or organization.  It is expected by IMII that while the funding agreement is being completed, that the proponent proceeds with all applications to the funding agencies identified in their proposal.


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