International Minerals Innovation Institute

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion Program

Invested to Date – $1,397,877

IMII’s Diversity & Inclusion Program supports innovative projects that strengthen the current workforce and attract and inspire the next generation of employees in the minerals industry.

Ideal projects are a maximum of two-years and require a self-sustaining continuity plan.  Other funding sources should be considered to assist with program costs.

The Program considers the needs of youth, adult learners, women, and the Indigenous population. Support programs, platforms for reaching learners in rural communities, a digitally ready workforce, and innovative engagement tools for reaching and inspiring youth are top categories considered for projects.

Key elements to a project could include:

  • Innovative technology or methodology for teaching
  • Platforms
  • Support programs
  • Pilot testing phase
  • Continuity plan


Projects are supported by the IMII team and IMII member’s industry experts when required.

Areas of interest are:

  • Attraction and recruitment
  • Career progression and opportunities
  • Closing EDI gaps
  • Digital readiness
  • Increasing training and development opportunities
  • Overcoming systemic barriers
  • Qualified representative workforce – entry level, technical, professional, management, and senior level roles 
  • Teaching and learning tools

Diversity and Inclusion Projects