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Developing Innovations

Developing Innovations Program

Invested to Date – $3,252,763

IMII’s Developing Innovations Program supports research seeking innovative solutions to mineral industry needs.

Grants up to $250,000 are available for a two-year project with an emphasis on those supporting or validating ‘new-to-mining’ technologies.

The Program can be the next step to:

  • further investigate the outcomes of an Exploring Innovations project,
  • research an industry defined problem discovered through industry collaboration or a call for proposals, or
  • apply new methodology on previous research.

The goal is to develop innovative technologies, processes or applications that can be validated in a laboratory, tested in a simulated environment, or a model or prototype is developed.  Proof of concept demonstration is desired at the end of the project. Industry will want to see if:

  • Technical merits have been sufficiently explored
  • Advantages of the technology are consistent with initial expectations
  • Commercialization potential has been identified and assessed
  • Issues or problems have a path to resolution

Key elements to a project could include:

  • A research design that seeks to solve a specific problem or provide innovative solutions to issues affecting the minerals industry
  • Draw upon basic research results, literature searches, field research and discussion with industry experts
  • A relevant laboratory or simulated environment
  • Technical analysis that evaluates current technology options and limitations, and assessment of possible innovative approaches
  • Screening, testing, and prioritizing of theories/methodologies/concepts
  • Results – research report that demonstrates the initial feasibility of the technology developed

Projects are supported by IMII member’s industry experts and the IMII team.

Areas of interest are:

  • Analytics solutions
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Digitization and automation
  • ESG – environmental, social, and governance
  • Extraction and processing
  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Modernizing core technologies
  • Rock mass and geology technologies
  • Sustainability
  • Tailings management
  • Workplace health and safety systems

Developing Innovations Projects