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Education & Training

Education & Training Program

Invested to Date – $5,917,767

IMII’s Education & Training Program supports the future workforce for the mining and minerals industry through innovative curriculum and skills development.

Projects are a maximum of two-years and require a self-sustaining continuity plan.  Other funding sources should be considered to assist with program costs.

The Program supports post-secondary education to create an academic infrastructure that is proactive in the development of essential skills of the future workforce and supporting mining’s digital transformation.

The changing landscape is seeing an emphasis on technologies such as robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, and big data and analytics. There is a challenge to adapt to a rapidly changing skills and labour landscape. As technology continues to evolve at a rate outpacing labour market and skills development, there is a pressing need to enable a modernized, digitally ready workforce.

The Program is utilized to develop new curriculum or update current curriculum with innovative tools and methodology to support an agile and digital workforce. Key elements to a project could include:

  • Innovative technology or methodology for teaching
  • Identifying other available and relevant programs
  • Pilot testing phase
  • Continuity plan


Projects are supported by the IMII team and IMII member’s industry experts when required.

Areas of interest are:

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Augmented / virtual reality
  • Data analytics and problem solving
  • Digitization and automation
  • Essential and soft skills
  • Health and safety
  • Micro-credentials
  • Operations
  • STEM – science, technology, engineering, math

Education and Training Projects