International Minerals Innovation Institute

January 9, 2023

Saskatoon, SK (Canada) – The International Minerals Innovation Institute (IMII) has launched its fifth DEMOday search for innovation solutions to the needs of its minerals industry members – BHP, Cameco, Mosaic and Nutrien.

Following last year’s successful invitation – which saw a record number of applicants and pitch selections in response to 18 technology needs, the IMII invites solutions providers of all sizes and stages to propose their solutions to this year’s list of 26 innovation needs. Selected applicants will be provided the opportunity to pitch their innovations to teams of industry subject matter experts, and gain access to resources and potential investments from IMII and its member companies to support the further development, demonstration, or deployment of their technology in the minerals industry. The call for submissions opens today.

This year’s technology needs focus on those related to advanced chemicals, carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS), emissions reduction, energy efficiency, water solutions, production efficiency, remote sensing, mine planning, safety solutions, mobile equipment, and capital efficiency, among others.

“Saskatchewan’s potash and uranium production are critical minerals the world needs to sustainably feed and fuel itself,” says Al Shpyth, IMII’s executive director. “DEMOday creates new opportunities for innovators to work with world-class minerals producers and operations. As an innovation supporting network, we see the potential for new solutions to be developed which will help achieve environmental, safety and efficiency benefits.”

Submission forms open today, January 9, 2023 and the deadline is February 10, 2023. This initial submission is the starting point for IMII’s member evaluation process. Innovators selected to pitch to DEMOday 2023 will be notified by March 24, 2023. The pitch event will be held in Saskatoon, SK on Tuesday, April 18th in association with the 15th Annual Saskatchewan Mining Supply Chain Forum.

IMII and its industry members will choose an Innovation Award winner from among DEMOday 2023 applicants and consider others to apply for funding under its Demonstrating Innovations program. Those who qualify for funding may receive up to $250,000 from IMII to support a collaborative project to further develop, demonstrate or deploy their innovative solution.

IMII thanks SIMSA, SREDA and Saskatchewan Trade and Export Development for their support in promoting DEMOday across the province and the world.

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Al Shpyth, Executive Director, IMII
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About IMII:
The International Minerals Innovation Institute (IMII) is a unique innovation supporting network of
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