International Minerals Innovation Institute

In 2017, International Minerals Innovation Institute (IMII) established the Diversity & Inclusion Challenge Program within the education and training focus area to further meet the workforce needs of its mineral company members.

Building on a $1 million commitment made to a series of seven Diversity & Inclusion Innovation Challenges in 2017 (which resulted in seven pilot and demonstration projects), IMII’s minerals company members are working in a collaborative fashion through the issuing of this request for proposals in 2020 as part of the industry’s overall commitment to having a workforce representative of the communities in which they operate. Such an approach also helps address the shared responsibility (with governments and education providers) of ensuring that the technological advances of the Fourth Industrial Revolution help close the gaps that exist in the participation of Indigenous peoples and women in digital occupations.

Increasing Indigenous Peoples and Women’s Representation within Mining and the Minerals Industry’s Digital Transformation

Saskatchewan’s minerals industry, like others, is undergoing a digital transformation.  As the shift in skills and occupations in the minerals industry takes hold, the companies involved – IMII members all, will be looking to ensure they have the right talent in place. They will look to retrain and upskill existing workers, and they will look to educational partners to adapt curricula to the needs of tomorrow.

Through this RFP, IMII is seeking innovative project ideas to increase the numbers of Indigenous peoples and women in information, communications and technology (ICT) programs and occupations in Saskatchewan’s minerals industry in four specific areas.  Projects resulting in practical outcomes linked to the needs of the minerals industry will be given priority.

IMII is seeking project proposals for the following work areas:

Project 1:         Design and develop, in collaboration with Indigenous communities adjacent to mines/mills, training and support opportunities in basic ICT skills and digital literacy..

Project 2:         Equip on and off-reserve teachers with the resources, materials and professional development opportunities to allow them to incorporate ICT and STEM into lesson plans for Indigenous youth in culturally relevant and appropriate ways.

Project 3:         Conduct a review of workplace practices specific to women in ICT roles to address residual bias in recruitment processes and promote an inclusive workplace culture with input from women on defining an inclusive workplace culture and from ICT women in the minerals industry as to their experience

Project 4:           Organize an event to attract business leaders to discuss best practices in developing female technology talent – “what works, what doesn’t and what should businesses and outside organizations be doing” in Saskatchewan.

Interested individuals/organizations are to download the preliminary application form at  Applications must be received by August 7, 2020 to be considered.