International Minerals Innovation Institute

IMII is now engaged in a recruitment process for a highly qualified candidate to serve IMII as Board Chair beginning in January 2023.

IMII is a Saskatchewan-based non-profit organization, jointly funded by industry and government, that is committed to developing and implementing innovative education, training, research, and development projects that will assist Saskatchewan minerals companies to be globally competitive.  We strive to facilitate the development and deployment of innovations that matter to mining in Saskatchewan.

IMII’s unique collaboration model facilitates a research focus to meet industry needs, present and future, in many areas including safety and environment. The IMII process also helps to define the current and future needs in education and training, including a focus on diversity and inclusion of greater numbers of Indigenous peoples and women in mining.

The ideal candidate for IMII Board Chair will be someone who:

  • Is highly experienced in governance and Board leadership,
  • Has an understanding of, and appreciation for, the minerals industry,
  • Understands how an innovation ecosystem enables businesses,
  • Undertakes effective pre-meeting preparation and post-meeting action step execution,
  • Is able to work effectively with an Executive Director / small management team,
  • Has a strong reputation inside and outside the “IMII community”,
  • Holds project review experience,
  • Has a positive reputation with industry and with government,
  • Maintains strategic focus, and
  • Has a respectful and collegial approach to meetings and governance.

Being Board Chair of IMII represents:

  • The opportunity to work with highly skilled professionals.
  • Working with a Board of Directors that balances being fully engaged with letting management manage exceptionally well.
  • Working with an organization that has earned the respect of academia, government, and industry, and which is recognized for that unique accomplishment.
  • Working with a highly professional management team.
  • The opportunity to engage in IMII’s 5-year Strategic Plan.
  • To be part of an organization that is making a difference.

The application process will close on Saturday, November 5, 2022.

Applicants can direct an introductory letter and resume / CV to the IMII at [email protected] and/or call Jeremy Breker, Vice President Technical Services for Cameco Corporation at (306) 716-4157.

All applications received by the above date will be reviewed by IMII Governance, Nominations, and Human Resources Committee representatives. It is anticipated interviews will be conducted with selected candidates in late November, with recommendation(s) to be provided to the IMII Board of Directors at its winter quarterly meeting.