International Minerals Innovation Institute

IMII today announced that the 2021 edition of DEMOday will be rescheduled to April 25, 2022 and combined into DEMOday 2022.  The new date will maintain the association with the highly successful Saskatchewan Mining Supply Chain Forum which will be held on April 26th and 27th next year.

“After consultations with our minerals company members and our supply chain association member SIMSA, we’ve made the decision to combine this year’s and next year’s DEMOday into one,” says Al Shpyth, IMII’s Executive Director. “This will allow us to support a change in DEMOday’s format and invite our industry members to submit specific needs that could be met by the supply chain either through the development or demonstration of a new, innovative technology and to receive applications with solutions that could meet the needs of a specific company, a sector or the industry.”

Companies and organizations that submitted applications for DEMOday 2021 will be considered for DEMOday 2022 or moved directly into IMII’s project development process.

IMII will be posting updated information on DEMOday 2022’s application dates to its website by the end of November.

About DEMOday

DEMOday is an opportunity for IMII’s minerals industry members

  • Looking for new insights and inspiration to address their toughest technology challenges
  • Looking to build connections with the supply chain in a specific area of need
  • Looking to develop a technology development or demonstration collaboration
  • Interested in identifying new talent to support a specific area of need

DEMOday is an opportunity for suppliers who are

  • Interested in building new industry partnerships in a specific area of technological need
  • Interested in connecting with IMII and other funders for technology development and demonstration
  • Looking to identify opportunities for their company’s growth through innovation
  • Looking to learn more about the latest challenges IMII’s minerals industry members are facing

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