International Minerals Innovation Institute

SASKATOON ‐ The International Minerals Innovation Institute (IMII), on behalf of its funding members, is
pleased to announce a new set of Diversity & Inclusion Challenges, and is again inviting applications with
innovative new approaches to increase the numbers of Indigenous people and women employed in the
minerals sector, and to help them thrive in the career opportunities provided by mining and its supply
chain in Saskatchewan.

IMII released its first four Diversity and Inclusion Challenges in 2017, and received 26 applications for
innovations in education & training. After review by a panel of industry representatives, 9 groups were
invited to submit formal proposals and 5 projects were approved worth some $700,000.

IMII is anticipating a similar reply to the 2018 release of the following three new challenges:

  • Challenge 5 – Enhancing workplace cultures in supply chain companies;
  • Challenge 6 – Enhancing opportunities for career progression for Indigenous employees; and
  • Challenge 7 – Encouraging alternate career choices and success for women in trades, production and technical occupations.

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