International Minerals Innovation Institute

The 2020 Canadian Mining Games took place at Dalhousie University at Halifax, NS from February 20th to 23rd. Teams from 11 universities across the country attended with 16 members per team.

Over the course of the weekend, teams competed in 25 mining related events. Team USask had one 1st place finish, two 2nd place finishes, two 3rd place finishes and placed 8th overall in the competition. Their team also had numerous comments from industry professionals that they were blown away by the enthusiasm and team spirit shown by the USask team. 

The specific results were as follows: 

First place finish:

  •  Sustainable Development

Second place finishes:

  •  Jackleg Drilling
  •  Mechanical Design

Third place finishes:

  •  Promine Competition
  •  Mineral Identification

Of the 11 teams that participated in the event, all of them have Mining Engineering specific programs except the University of Saskatchewan.  The U of S has Geological and Chemical Engineering programs with a Mining Option program.  The Mining Engineering Options program was the first initiative to receive funding from IMII.

IMII is proud to support the USask team.  On behalf of the minerals industry, congratulations on your success at the competition!