International Minerals Innovation Institute

SASKATOON – The International Minerals Innovation Institute (IMII) is pleased to release, in collaboration with K+S Potash Canada and Wood, a video on innovations that matter to mining featuring the use of virtual reality technology in Saskatchewan’s minerals industry.

“K+S Potash Canada is using virtual reality to improve the design phase of projects, to create a safer working environment and to engage the community,” says Al Shpyth, Executive Director of the IMII. “They have demonstrated its potential to impact operations with better designed plants, safer workplaces and more engaged communities.”

“There are some perceptions out there that mining is a more traditional industry and that’s entirely incorrect,” says Maeghan Dubois, Manager, Communication with K+S Potash Canada. “It can be considered one of the most advanced and innovative industries in our province. And as mining companies we are continuing to look at new ways to bring efficiencies, safety and move our business forward through innovation.”

K+S Potash Canada’s virtual reality is the sixth in a series being produced by IMII to recognize the innovative nature of Saskatchewan’s minerals industry.

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